Great MotheR

Still Small Voice of the Holy Spirit:

Goddess of all Goddesses

Cosmic Womb

The Comforter

Divine Mother



The Void

The Moon

Dark Matter

Deep Space

The Black Hole

Mother of all mothers


Great Mother Speaks

to those of us most alienated by Her love due to our experience of Mama Drama Trauma.


Mama Drama Trauma (MDT)

a condition in which the mother projects unhealed aspects of herself

onto her chid causing emotional and/or physical trauma.

If the mother is unable, unwilling or unavailable to her own MDT, because it is a cycle,

Loving Detachment is required for the child to live a happy, healthy and whole life.

Loving Detachment

the act of accepting MDT by withdrawing from mama, the drama and the trauma

long enough to forgive and stop living it, or letting go of the mother we want

so we can accept the one we you have. 


A family cycle, MDT is perpetuated through shame, blame and guilt.

Breaking the cycle requires acknowledgment and release from it. 


Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck (GMSOD)

an emotional healing device designed to forgive and stop living Mama Drama Trauma.

Dedicated practice and articulation of Great Mother's 


signs and symbols

derived from this deck (lunar cycles, chakras, god/desses, yin/yang and Dorothy's Wizard of Oz narrative are energetically balanced. 

Collectively, they expertly aid in understanding, and  healing of MDT.

This work is sacred.

We are sacred, but remain prisoners of its conditioning until liberated from it through active observation.

As Divine dearly loved children of the Great Mother Father God, it is our birthright to be happy, healthy and whole. 


Reading Invocation:

“I am a dearly loved divine child

of the Great Mother Father God

who is never judged, condemned or left alone."

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