mama drama trauma

a condition in which the mother projects unhealed aspects of herself onto her child causing emotional and/or physical trauma. In cases where she is not ready, willing or able to heal her own MDT, because it is a cycle, Loving Detachment is required for the child to live a healthy happy and whole life." --Tammy Taylor, MSc.

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Inner Work Life Coach, Mother|Child Bond Expert,
Podcast host & Inventor of the Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck

TAMMY TAYLOR aka "The Manifestation Muse"


Spiritual midwife and "birthing stone" for individuals to hold  onto while being consciously reborn from Mama Drama Trauma to Divinity Identity, I muse you to manifest the life you were born to live, not the one you were raised to live. 


Using the signs and symbols of unconditional love from the Mother of all mothers, Great Mother (lunar phases, chakras, yin and yang symbols) and years experience as an inner work life coach, I support individuals healing Mama Drama Trauma (MDT), a term I coined in the 2009 publication of "Mama Drama Trauma: How to Forgive & Stop Living It".


Mama Drama Trauma is a condition in which the mother projects unhealed aspects of herself onto her child causing emotional and/or physical trauma. When she is unable, unwilling or unavailable to heal her own MDT, because it is a cycle, Loving Detachment is necessary in order to live a happy, healthy and whole life beyond MDT. MDT is a cycle that goes under the radar undetected for generations and often, skipping generations and our ability to narrow down its affects. However, a primary telltale sign is a nagging depression that won't go away.


It was through my own experience with MDT, I learned Great Mother Speaks to us through the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, our intuition to cultivate inner space. By refocusing maternal attention on Her, the Mother I have instead of the mother I want, my intuitive clarity, balance and confirmation grew. The reward has been a more loving inner dialogue.


My expertise is assisting others to "let go of the mother (e.g. daughter, son, father, spouse, etc.) you want so you can accept the one you have".


In 2015, I prayed for a client tool to practice Loving Detachment from MDT on a daily basis. Within two weeks, I downloaded The Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck.  Since then readings and group deck classes have helped hundreds heal MDT. 


Additionally as a Vedic astrologer, birth chart analysis enhances by ability to guide self awareness by effectively distinguishing intuitive connection from what is not. My intention with each life I touch is to help people more effectively recognize, develop and trust their divinity and birthright of intuitive guidance to live beyond MDT. You can stop the cycle.






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