Tammy Taylor

Mother Bond Expert, Inner Work
Life Coach and Inventor of 
The Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck 

I coined the term Mama Drama Trauma in the book, Mama Drama Trauma: How to Forgive & Stop Living It. MDT sufferers tend to be extremely intuitive, but lack the ability to appropriate it toward self healing due to a lack of boundaries from and awareness of the shame, blame and guilt that perpetuates MDT.  I effectively support individuals access this ability to heal Mama Drama Trauma or MDT through the loving, inner voice of Great Mother, the Mother of all  Mothers.


An inner work life coach supports individuals in the identification, acknowledgment and healing of chronic and acute toxic emotions. As a soul sympath and intuitive empath, my professional expertise is building emotional resilience through self esteem, self acceptance, self forgiveness and self love in those in a family cycle of MDT. 


My MDT experience  and coaching work is primarily in grief counseling, specifically assisting "the letting go of the mother we want so we can accept the one we have". My relationship to Great Mother--That Still Small Voice of the Holy Spirit, our intuition---  inspired the invention of The Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck to supports individuals heal MDT.


Did you know your moon sign (not your sun sign) tells how your emotional temperament is connected to your relationship to your mother? A remarkable addition to all healing therapies GMS readings supplement coaching and lunar based astrological readings. My Moon Sign readings routinely unblock unprocessed emotions of shame, blame and guilt by effectively facilitating a self loving inner dialogue.

It is through our efforts to cultivate a more loving inner dialogue with her we empower our intuition with the clarity, balance and confirmation they need to trust it to guide them to a happy, healthy and whole life beyond MDT.



great mother wants you to know you are a:

~Dearly Loved Child of the Great Mother Father God

~Who Is Never Judged, Condemned

~or Left Alone.

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