🌜ARIES💫 MOON SIGN December Full Moon Reading 2017 “TELL YOUR TRUTH”

Great Mother speaks to us through our intuition, or our moon sign, the feelings, thoughts and emotions that governs our sun sign. Find out what yours is using the below moon sign calculator. TO FIND YOUR MOON SIGN IN EITHER MOON SIGN CALCULATOR: Western/Tropical (ego, instinctively oriented) Moon Sign: https://alabe.com/freechart/ OR YOUR Vedic/Jyotish (soul, intuitively oriented) Moon Sign: http://www.universityofvedicastrology.com/chart-calculator/ (Please note, this calculator uses military time) These free moon sign readings provide supplemental support for present and potential clients and for the people who love them. Book coaching, readings or purchase gift cards at https://www.greatmotherspeaks.info Background music with the explicit permission of the artist BSlade ©2017 Mystic Moon Phases graphic designed by http://spiralspectrum.com

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