VIRGO MOON SIGN March 2018 New Moon Reading

Hi, Virgo Moon Sign people. Great Mother says now that you're in a completely new place personally and professionally the energies support you owning it. Link to "How to Read GMS Oracle Deck" Link to YOUR FEBRUARY PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE READING New Playlist: “Sun In Your Moon Sign READING” for annual Moon sign readings. This is your unique new year reading prior to your Moon Sign’s new moon reading. Here, Great Mother provides greater insight about supportive energies for your celestial collective unconsciousness. Link to a more precise reading of your unique lunar energies Link to Oracle card meanings Visit for FREE PDF "Mama Drama Trauma: How to Forgive & Stop Living It". (Click my afro pic with the title.) I hope it blesses you ================== **Book a personal reading using the actual house your moon sign is in to more accurately assess the influences this transit has on you.** Link to a more precise reading of your unique lunar energies ========================= Link to Oracle card meanings We use both Sidereal (or soul astrology) and western astrology (ego astrology) as these readings assist ego:soul alignment within a lifetime. Death is not a prerequisite for ego:soul alignment. IF YOUR MOON SIGN IS ALSO VIRGO IN SIDEREAL ASTROLOGY WATCH SCORPIO MOON SIGN VIDEO and see which most resonates with you. Who is Great Mother? ~ The Comforter. That loving, still small voice of the Holy Spirit that inner persuades peace. Great Mother speaks to us through our intuition, or our moon sign, the feelings, thoughts and emotions that govern our sun sign. Find out what yours is using the below moon sign calculator. TO FIND YOUR MOON SIGN IN EITHER MOON SIGN CALCULATOR: Western/Tropical (ego, instinctively oriented) Moon Sign: OR YOUR Sidereal/Vedic/Jyotish (soul, intuitively oriented) Moon Sign: (Please note, this calculator uses military time) ====== These free moon sign readings are Great Mother’s general message to her Divine children about the supportive energies available to us through our celestial collective unconscious. They are primarily meant to provide supplemental support for present, and potential clients of and for those who love and want to better understand them. WHO GREAT MOTHER IS WHO THESE READINGS ARE FOR ==================================== Total Lunar Eclipse | January 31st | The Full Moon January 31, 2018 the earth casts its shadow upon the moon in a Total Lunar Eclipse in Cancer/Leo (Sidereal/Tropical astrology). It completes the energies seeded during the Total Solar Eclipse-- the world stopped to watch-- August 21, 2017. That new moon in Cancer/Leo exposed the shadows of home life, addictions, how we care for earth, our children and mothers. Great Mother, since then, has shown us where we need to grow in order to realize the promise of Rahu/North Node: Cancer/Leo energies. This eclipse with the sun in Capricorn/Aquarius: Ketu/South Node is awash with cosmic energies to support the release of immature Cancer/Leo qualities preventing their more mature expression in our planetary collective consciousness. Watch LUNAR TOTALITY 2018 Part I: Healing Mama Drama Trauma Subscribe for LUNAR TOTALITY 2018 Part II: The next Total Lunar Eclipse is July 27/28, 2018, but in the interim stay tuned for what Great Mother says about the two partial solar eclipses in February and August! ======================= “What Is MDT?” “MDT LIFE COACHING” Thank you for taking the time to share your constructive comments and suggestions. ================================

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