Taurus Moon Sign 2nd Quarter 2018 Reading


~ The Comforter. The Helper. That loving, still small voice of the Holy Spirit that persuades inner peace. Great Mother speaks to us through our intuition, or our moon sign, the feelings, thoughts and emotions that govern our sun sign.

Find out what yours is using the below moon sign calculator.


to skip 2018 2nd Quarter: APRIL (Equinox) - JUNE (Solstice) Reading intro click @28:00


Western/Tropical (ego, instinctively oriented) Moon Sign: https://alabe.com/freechart/


Sidereal/Vedic/Jyotish (soul, intuitively oriented) Moon Sign: http://www.universityofvedicastrology...

(Please note, this calculator uses military time)


We use both Sidereal (or soul astrology) and western astrology (ego astrology) as these readings assist ego:soul alignment within a lifetime. Death is not a prerequisite for ego:soul alignment.


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