Astrology Novices Start with the Moon

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S P A C E C A M P 2019 for Space Cadets and Lunatics. Are you tired of hearing all this yang about sun sign this moon sign that during every new and full moon? Not to mention Lunar and solar eclipses, and coming up with gibberish when you try to make sense of what the heck is going on? Have no fear WILDER WOMAN is here and her fearless sidekick The Manifestation Muse! piral Spectrum’s Cosmic Calendar is a brilliantly colorful nature-based circle calendar featuring year-at-a-glance moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses, seasons, planetary transits, chakras and more. Marked with folklore knowledge throughout describing an animated and alive universe. In fact, I had the pleasure of penning moon phase meanings! Together, we are offering an astrology camp for novices just like you who want to learn but haven’t gotten around to it. 2019 is your year! You, your mama and all your friends are invited to attend. Here’s just a taste of the clever corniness 🌽 we get up to all to bring you practical science and spirituality. So, sit back relax and grab a Cosmic Calendar cause it’s not only functional, cute and the Hippest Ephemeris on the Planet but the only text book you’ll need (unless you’re a geek like us). Well, that’s enough for now so until until next time follow the M👀N. (Want to know your moon Sign? Click bio link and plug your info into the Western/Tropical calculator;) #########################

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