Like me, many of you are healers, coaches and readers in various personal and professional capacities who practice being tuned into higher energies and therefore feel called to help usher in changes underway. This blog is written for you...

A question I often get is, "All mothers have issues. How do you know when these issues become toxic?" Great Mother says that when our maternal relationship is defined by attitudes and behaviors of shame, blame and guilt more than love, nurturing and compassion, Mama Drama Trauma is active, and must be addressed for healing to occur. When we do not do so voluntarily, life will consistently and persistently provide opportunities to address issues involving the abuse of authority.

“2020: The Call the Heal Mama Drama Trauma”

The Great Mother Speaks Oracle is the only deck specifically designed to heal Mama Drama Trauma​.

For ten years, I have been quietly working to heal Mama Drama Trauma (MDT), is a condition in which the mother projects unhealed aspects of herself onto her child causing emotional and/or physical trauma. In this time, I have learned that although it is as ancient as humanity itself, addressing has always been taboo. To call out the mother, is to call out the very core of the family and therefore society whose institutions are largely sustained through exploitation of the meek, those who look to and rely upon the dictates of others for survival. Armies, churches, governments and corporations are primarily peopled by individuals who are seeking some form of maternal love and protection.

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January 2020 an astrological sequence of events, that began at the August 2017 solar eclipse (visible in the U.S.) the world stopped to watch, culminates into a planetary configuration that has not occurred in 400 years: Saturn and Pluto will both be in Capricorn at 22 degrees.In 1517 Martin Luther’s “95 Theses” to the Catholic Church set off the reformation.

His motivation was to strip a corrupt institution of its overarching power by articulating clear intentions for the changes he wanted to see in society, and to their end did three things worthy of reflection

(present day parallels parenthesized):

He challenged the authority of priests to grant pardons for indiscretions and indulgences condemned by God through the payment of penance (corruption and the veiled aristocracy still controlling our institutions);Secondly, he was the first to translate the Bible from Latin (into German) to make it more accessible to the layman (the internet) by...Thirdly, popularizing the idea that the Bible, not the Pope, was the ultimate governing force, and that each individual had the power to read and interpret scripture, not just Catholic priests.

(New Thought/ancient wisdom spirituality)

Although there were minor cosmetic adjustments in the church as the Enlightenment Era emerged and the church was losing ground at home, it executed Moors and protestants in the Spanish Inquisition, successfully coopted its monarchy to finance and rebrand itself as the defacto new world colonial power, thus expanded its global influence. By the time reformation ended in 1689, the stage was set for the political transformations initiated by the French Revolution a century later. These events created what we know today as “culture” or "western civilization"—- codified and commodified by the US, in its infancy at the time and,

a country “founded” by Protestants.

Much like the social political pre-period we are in now where the once hard and fast rules of political, religious and family authority figures are being challenged, prior to the 1517 conjunction, events such as Henry VIII defiantly founding the Anglican Church to marry Catherine occurred. Self determinism and science during the Renaissance left the Catholic Church reeling from an identity crisis creating countless Protestant denominations focused more on salvation through Jesus than Mary, remnants of the goddess era. 2020 will balance the convergence of these powerfully transformational energies most likely producing a seminal event in this country transforming the world as we know it.

Whether the transformation is temporary or permanent depends on our awareness and intent.

Martin Luther’s intentions were realized because he clearly articulated them. So again, I ask you, are you ready for the inevitable fallout of January 2020— when Saturn, the planet of soul contracts and Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth converge in your life? If not, let’s get ready. If so, what is your intention to help others? In other words, how are you going to use this energy, the astrology, this Science of Light, the most ancient science we know, to support your soul contract?

Ushering in Aquarius Age

In the age of Aquarius divinity identity, or the unique soul genius of each individual reigns as authority of its material life. What this Saturn Pluto transit revisits the seeds of divinity planted 400 years ago.

Since Martin Luther successfully followed the Holy Spirit to fulfill his thesis, I am using it as a template for my soul contract as a call to:

  • Challenge the authority of society to pardon MDT without offering a alternative for those willing, ready and able to heal;

  • Successfully translate the first spiritual interpretation of this taboo for individuals who personally or professionally seek MDT healing through the use the Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck;

  • Thirdly, popularize divinity identity, the idea we are children of the Great Mother Father God who are never judged, condemned or left alone.

Though it is commonplace to criticize these institutions for their abuse of authority, recent politico-social, military and monetary events only confirm Mama Drama Trauma is a planetary disorder. To heal MDT, we must let go of the mother we want in order to accept the one we have. We all want that unconditionally loving, nurturing and understanding mother, but that is not the one we have. The one we have is the one we need to evolve in self love and spiritual independence. My coaching work has assisted dozens of people in successfully navigating a life beyond MDT by doing two things: 1)supporting individuals to come to terms with MDT and 2)teaching them how to live in loving detachment from their mother’s unwillingness, inability or unavailability to her her own MDT, because it is a cycle.

Self love and spiritual independence are the terms of the MDT Soul Contract. Maternal abandonment and abuse necessitates self love, if we are to experience love at all this lifetime. It is a supreme act of spiritual love to coerce another soul to experience love as rejection and neglect. Through it, we develop spiritual independence, or our own authentic understanding and connection with the Great Mother Father God. It is by focusing upon and cultivating this relationship or our Divinity Identity versus the shame, blame and guilt of MDT that effectively facilitates the grieving of the mother we want in order to accept the one we have.

Why Great Mother?

The Mother of all mothers, that Still Small Voice of the Holy Spirit, Yin, the Cosmic Center is the mother we have. Certainly our birth mother is our biographical and biological mother this lifetime, but she too is a child of the Great Mother Father God. The Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck was downloaded to me as a practical tool for MDT triggers and tailspins by breaking down its evolutionary process and applying it to everyday challenges and situations step by step.

We aspire to live a happy, healthy and whole life by accepting the mother (birth and Great) we have with love and authenticity. A tall order by any standards, Great Mother gave me the narrative of Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz as the aspirational poster child who heals MDT step by step. The six suits of the deck are based on the acronym ASPIRE, the six grieving steps (Acknowledge, Self Inquiry, Processing, Integrity, Rebirth and Emancipation), the eight chakras for the body, mind, spirit process of separation, transformation and integration from MDT to Divinity mentality and eight lunar phases symbolizing Great Mother variant forms and phases of loving support unconditionally available throughout this cyclical and repetitive healing journey.

What Happens Next

Taboo or not, abuse of authority, including MDT, will soon be addressed. The only question is, are you ready to deal with the fallout in your life? If so, how are you going to assist others who have no idea this correction is coming? If you are not ready, get ready.

Final Thoughts

Is this transit good or bad? On a soul level, or in the big scheme of things, the collective consciousness is due for a major reset as the institutions, philosophies and social constructs undergo this scheduled transformation. On an ego level, or personal level, the apparent incompetency of authority figures we have empowered to organize our lives will escalate at a rate faster than we can resolve them, and we will therefore ultimately have to empower our own birthright to self govern.

I have a feeling there will be a moral correction within the next two years that will either be short-lived right before a replay of the Inquisition, or a Renaissance 2.0, the prelude to the Aquarian, or self governing Age in earnest. It is said the amount of people on the planet at this time equals all human beings that have ever lived and died on earth. Perhaps we have all returned at this time for a “redo”. For some, “redo” is literal, no growth, change or evolution. For others, who choose to consciously evolve our divine birthright, we greet change, the death of what was before, not as something to resist out of fear but as a good, natural thing.

The question is, based on all we have learned since 1517, what experience will we create? Based on my soul experience through lifetimes, the study of the Science of Light, or my unique Cosmic Calculus in this incarnation, I know each of us have the divine birthright to be happy, healthy and whole, and am calling us to heal Mama Drama Trauma: the illusion we are unloved, judged, condemned and left alone.


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