2018 Soul Support for the Aquarian Age

January 6, 2018



Collective Consciousness Reading question: “What Is The Soul Wanting to Express Through Me?” from The Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck I channeled through my work as intuitive empath working with individuals as a personal, marriage and family life coach.


The cards support us to consistently see and experience 3 Things:

1. We Are Divine Children of The Great Mother Father God

2. Therefore, We Are Never Judged or Condemned, Seen As Weak or Victims

3. And, We Are Never Alone


How? Through uncanny and timely Great Mother messages in answer to our questions about the journey. Based on:

- The Wizard of Oz- Lunar cycles

- Chakras- Western Astrology (ego/ emotions)- Vedic Astrology (soul/ intuition)

- Christ Consciousness

- Ego:Soul Communication / Age of Aquarius


They offer insights into dilemmas on the Yellow Brick Road.2018 First Quarter (JAN-MAR) MOON SIGN READINGS are up, and they are packed with gems of wisdom for All Divine Children of the Great Mother Father God. Watch yours here NEW YEAR Readings Playlist LINK https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDKh-AJ7jd5pOX1ohjg7AWLnO77AWhnkp 


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